[22:47] <Parsonsda_Ipod> Now
[22:47] <Parsonsda_Ipod> About the file
[22:48] <Parsonsda_Ipod> The file itself to dammaged
[22:48] <Joeytje50> you took thousands of records you said
[22:48] <Parsonsda_Ipod> There is 1 other way
[22:48] <Parsonsda_Ipod> Not thousands
[22:48] <Parsonsda_Ipod> 104
[22:48] <Parsonsda_Ipod> Most where tests
[22:49] <Parsonsda_Ipod> And i narrowed it down
[22:49] <Joeytje50> okay, could you send me the original file?
[22:49] <Parsonsda_Ipod> There 1 way
[22:49] <Parsonsda_Ipod> No
[22:49] <Joeytje50> why?
[22:49] <Parsonsda_Ipod> As there trobble
[22:50] <Parsonsda_Ipod> We doing that
[22:50] <Parsonsda_Ipod> It
[22:50] <Parsonsda_Ipod> Always
[22:50] <Parsonsda_Ipod> Locks
[22:50] <Parsonsda_Ipod> It annoying
[22:50] <Parsonsda_Ipod> But
[22:50] <Joeytje50> you could upload it to another site
[22:50] <Parsonsda_Ipod> There 1 way u get better clip
[22:51] <Joeytje50> how?
[22:51] <Parsonsda_Ipod> Ask castle wars
[22:51] <Parsonsda_Ipod> He happy to help
[22:52] <Parsonsda_Ipod> But remmber
[22:52] <Parsonsda_Ipod> Images arnt permant
[22:52] <Parsonsda_Ipod> That what wiki for
[22:53] <Parsonsda_Ipod> It for changing
[22:53] <Parsonsda_Ipod> I got a new gif tommrow
[22:54] <Parsonsda_Ipod> 1 warning
[22:54] <Parsonsda_Ipod> Framerate for emote high
[22:54] <Parsonsda_Ipod> Be aware of that
[22:54] <Parsonsda_Ipod> G2g
[22:55] <Joeytje50> ...
[22:55] <Parsonsda_Ipod> Ull see

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